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From our Survey Free CD winner:

Dear Ms. Adams and Mr. Titmuss,

You are very sneaky people. I remember in my youth drug dealers would entice children to ply their wares by saying "the first one is free!" Having heard your beautiful recording, not only do I have to have more, but I needs must buy copies for friends! So much for my budget for April and May!

Seriously, I have really been blessed by your music; the sound is phenomenal. I ask if you would please put me onto your mailing list, so as new recordings become available, I can obtain them.

On an associated topic, Mr. Titmuss, I really liked the E-mail you sent describing how you are refinishing the antique Pianoforte. I know very little on the subject, but you made it quite clear what you are doing, and the pictures reinforced your words very well. I eagerly look forward to the next E-mail on your work.

I rarely find such outstanding music like yours; and as my luck with winning things is usually poor, this has truly been a wonderful thing for me. Thank you again for the CD, and thank you for all your hard work; you have created a thing of true beauty in a world that does not see beauty very often nowadays.

Daniel Thompson, Portland

Hi Clive;

I wanted to tell you both how much I've admired and enjoyed your work on the two CD's ... absolutely exquisite ... I'm beginning to consider some stringing options for the lute I've ordered from Michael Thames, and wonder, Clive, if you would willing to give me your views on how I might want to string the 13-course swan's-neck, or as you call it in your liner notes, theorbo-lute, after Widhalm ??? Apparently, there is a fair amount of divergence of opinion ... Thanks, and best regards ...

 Steve Burd ...

Hello Clive,

Thank you for your very informative reply. I am a little embarrassed at my hasty judgment [based on website samples, ed.] of your vihuela's tone. In the midst of a busy afternoon, I listened only on my computer speakers. Last night, I listened to all your recordings on a pair of studio-quality headphones. Wow! The tone is even and rich across the whole instrument, and the upper strings sing out brightly! ...I would be proud to own and play one of your instruments.

(after delivery)...Well, the vihuela arrived yesterday, and it’s positively marvelous. It’s got to be one of the most beautiful instruments I’ve ever seen. The tone is wonderful and rich; the info sheets you enclosed are great, and thanks for the beeswax and other sample material. The case is a work of art in itself!...

I'll be reccommending your site to all my guitar buddies

Michael Fink
Austin, TX

From: Catherine Hollingsworth <cathyk2p2@yahoo.com>
Subject: music

Wow, Susan. You are a really talented lady. I downloaded the music and just
love it.  Thank you so much. I also write a column on knitting for our
paper. I am going to mention your music in a knitting gift list.

From: Chris Clarke-Epstein <Chris@ChrisClarke-Epstein.com>
Subject: Thank You for the Knitting Music

I immediately went to the music site Susan Adams mentioned in her post,
listened, and fell in love. Susan, thank you for sharing your incredible
talent for connecting knitting and music. My iPod will be happy to carry
such beautiful music and we all will be touched each time we listen to it.
If you haven't downloaded a copy yet, what are you waiting for? <G>

Hi Susan,

Thank you so much for sharing that lovely piece of music.  Harpsichord is one of my favorite instruments and this was just wonderful. 

Again, thanks!

Pat Beauregard

Squeegee Printers, Inc.

Thank you very much.  Knitting and harpsichord could not be a more perfect

Julie Gaddy

Thank you for the Couperin. The playing and the instrument both sound 

Oak Park, Illinois

Hi Susan,

I just downloaded your rendition of Couperin's "Les Tricoteuses".  
That was wonderful!  Thank you so much for sharing it with us 
KnitUers; that was so very generous of you.  I've always enjoyed 
harpsichord music; you're quite the talent.  I've recently acquired 
an iPod, so as soon as I learn more about using it, I'm sure that 
I'll be back to your website to check out your other offerings.

I've also passed along your link to another knitting friend/classical 
musical buff friend for his enjoyment.

Joan in Eugene, OR

Hi Clive;
The CD arrived the other day...it is really fantastic! Your instruments sound lovely, and your playing is exquisite. Thanks for making a nice cover as well!

That Raillich 11c sounds great..that is definitely the model I am now interested in getting for my 11c lute. I believe it has a very short string length which would be perfect for my wrist issues, and it is a very pretty looking instrument. I remember you once sent me pics of that and the Hoffmann a few years ago...I wish I had ordered one when you were still taking orders! I have tried quite a few different models of baroque lutes, but have yet to find the 'one.' This little 11c lute would be a great fit… I would love it!

Take care,
[Contributor requests anonymity]

Dear Susan,

I never post to KnitU and often delete digests unread; however, I am so glad
I read today's. Your harpsichord playing was just delightful. As a former
classical musician (violin) I really appreciate the difficulty of the piece.
And I'm glad to have found the Early Music Studio as well. Although I listen
to a wide range of music genres, this is one of my very favorites.

Thanks so much for making my Sunday a nicer one!

Marilyn Roberts

Dear all

I've been experimenting the pleasure of playing on a baroque guitar (after a
Spanish anonymous model c. 1700) made by Clive Titmuss.
I am delighted with it. It's very rich range of harmonics and big volume
gives it a wonderful tone.
Easy to play, no need to use strength. Very good to express the dark/light
emotions of the temperamental baroque guitar repertoire.
Amazingly effective on ensemble, I had to ask the violin player to play
louder (!)

A superb instrument to play (not a decorative toy).

I  want to congratulate Clive for his excellent work.

Paulo Galvao

Hello Clive,

Your cd arrived yesterday.
It's great l have to say.l played 3 times in a row.
Your playing is tighter with the harpsichord;and your solo playing on Reusner is great,it's as good as the best of them;better even.

You are a many faceted man,and a composer no less.
Your tombeau for Glen Gould (a lefty sigh) is beautiful.

There is no joy like an offering.

Thank you .

x Fadi.

Dear Pluckers,

Just on the matter of composition for lute, I would
like to bring to your attention a composition for lute
and harpsichord accompaniment written by a talented
luthier/lutenist: Clive Titmuss.  I recently acquired
two of his CDs: One is of solo Baroque lute music.
The second is music for lute and guitar accompanied by
harpsichord and piano respectively.

A real gem on this recording is Hommage to Glenn
Gould.  I expect that, given Clive's Canadian
citizenship, and his love of music, Glen Gould would
represent a great idol/ master of inspiration. [Many
would be aware of Gould's now legendary recordings
with CBS twice recording the Goldberg varaitions].
What I particularly like about Clive's composition is
that he uses a fusion somewhat between a Weiss Tombeau
and a modern - almost atonal quality, but still having
a sombre quality to it that reflects a serious
reverence for the subject matter he has used as the
basis of the mood for.

Clive also plays music by Couperin, Bach, Carulli, De
Visee and others. Clive's CD is an inspiration for
those with thoughts of writing for 13 course d minor
tuning lute, and is highy recommended. The sound
quality is very good indeed.

You can order the CD directly from Clive at his
wonderful web site:

www.clivetitmuss.com or www.earlymusicstudio.com 
Michael Stitt
Australian Lutenist


Hi!  I'm the local person who saw your CD's advertised on the web.  I've
played all three and really enjoyed them.  The quality of recording is
I've spoken to my son, the guitar player, about your lute like lessons
and I think you'll soon be hearing from him.
Gordon Scott

I greatly enjoyed your newly-renovated website.
Even in the New York area, there aren't too terribly many lute players
(and probably fewer individuals in search of lutes) to refer.
Once again, should you need a "reference", I'd be glad to oblige.
I love the new lute!
- Al Padilla

Malcolm Toms announced to the net an invitation to visit Clive Titmuss' web
site.  I have done so, and I also encourage everyone to look at it.  It is
absolutely beautifully done, and his instruments are very
attractive.  Also, he has a CD, which is equally attractive.

Edward Martin
2817 East 2nd Street
Duluth, Minnesota  55812
e-mail:  edmartin@cp.duluth.mn.us
voice:  (218) 728-1202

I recently purchased a 7c renaissance lute from Clive and am extremely
pleased with the instrument, which I ordered as an "upgrade" to a
student lute I had purchased elsewhere a number of years ago. The
difference in quality (of workmanship as well as tone & playability)
is dramatic, even to a rather modest player at my level. Anyone with
any questions is welcome to contact me for a very positive reference.

What he describes as a shipping crate is really a quite serviceable,
albeit not gorgeous hinged lute case with handle.

He even included a jar of what I assume is a historically accurate
(the wax, not the jar) beeswax based stuff to use on the instrument.

The use of the historically accurate wax on an instrument strung with
carbon fibre (I think he may offer other stringing options for the
purists) doesn't bother me at all.  I'll bet some gut-strung purists
use "Pledge" to keep their lute-bowls shiny!

By the way, Clive was able to take care of the shipping arrangements
from Canada without any hassle.

With best wishes,

Al Padilla

Hello Susan (& Clive):

My name is Bruce Sproul.

We have been listening to "Enchanted Mozart" and "Constancy Rewarded" with great interest and enjoyment, and wish to compliment you and Clive on your remarkable talents. I particularly like the Mozart CD. The sound of the piano is startling at first, and then quite relaxing after a while.


Bruce & Jim

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