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Composer: Mudarra, Alonso
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Lute Lover's Choice$9.99Details
Often played and requested, virtuoso works
Mourning and Remembering$9.99Details
The Tombeau is a traditional lamentation piece among composers for the lute and harpsichord.
The Romantic$9.99Details
Slow melody that moves you.
Harpsichord Lover's Choice$9.99Details
Often played and requested, showing off the sound.
Elegant Entertaining$9.99Details
Doesn’t intrude, but you know it’s there.
Melodic emphasis, falling motion, slow harmony.
Piano Lover's Choice$9.99Details
Music that flatters the piano’s unique voice.
Music for the Brain$9.99Details
Contrapuntal pieces that work like musical puzzles—find the subject.
For Students$9.99Details
Frequently requested pieces, études, music that teaches.
Commuting or Travelling$9.99Details
Ceaseless motion, but somehow calming.
The Italian Program$9.99Details
Susan Adams plays Italian-influenced music on an Italian harpsichord after an anonymous 1694 model by Johannes Secker
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