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The Bach Lutebook III
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Violin Partita II arranged for 13-course lute

BWV 1004 (Partita in D minor for Violin): Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue, Ciacona
BWV: 1004

1. Allemande
2. Courante
3. Sarabande
4. Gigue
5. Ciacona

Violin Sonata II

lute arrangement of Sonata II in A minor complete
BWV: 1003

1. Sonata II complete

Praeludium pour la lute

An intabulation of the lute prelude collected by J. P. Kellner as No. 6 of Sechs Kleine Praeludien
BWV: 999

1. Praeludium pour la lute


An arrangement of the G minor Fugue for Violin by Michael Schaeffer, with an expanded version edited by Clive Titmuss
BWV: 1000/1001.2

1. Fuga (two versions)

Violin Partita I in B minor

Allemande and Double; Corrente and Double; Sarabande and Double; Bouree and Double in a single 8 page pdf file arranged for 13-course lute
BWV: 1002

1. Violin Partita I in B minor

Sonata I in G minor

Adagio, Fuga (BWV 1000/1001), Siciliana, Presto: an arrangement of the first solo violin Sonata for 13-course lute
BWV: 1001

1. Violin Sonata I in G minor

Sonata III in C major

Adagio; Fuga; Largo; Allegro assai
BWV: 1005

1. Sonata III in C major

Partita III in E major (transposed to F)

Bach's own arrangement (BWV 1006a from the 1740's)of his Third Partita for solo violin, (BWV 1006)written c. 1720
BWV: 1006/1006a

1. Partita III in E major (in F)

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