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Composer: Mudarra, Alonso
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Large works are available either complete or as individual tracks. Each track is available in 2 formats; MP3(128kbps) and WAV (uncompressed).

All prices are in Canadian currency. The charge for electronic transfer will appear in the 'Shipping' field of the order checkout page.

To view details of a track, click on the title link (see A in diagram below)

All tracks can be sampled before purchasing. To sample a track, simply click on the "Sample" link next to the track title. (see B in diagram below).To stop the sample from playing, click the square box. Fast loading samples are provided for each track but please note that they have been compressed, resulting in a lower sound quality than the downloaded versions.

To purchase a track, click on the "Buy" button. (see C in diagram below). Your purchase item will then appear in the shopping cart.

To view the next page of tracks, click on the Next 25 link (see D in diagram below)

You can view the contents of your cart at anytime by clicking the "View Cart' button (see E in diagram below)

After you click on the "Buy" button for, your track(s) will appear in the shopping cart. (see diagram below). You can either click "Continue Shopping" (see H in diagram below) to purchase additional tracks or you can click the "Checkout" (see I in diagram below) button to finalize the transaction. If you would like to remove a track, click the checkbox next to the track (see F in diagram below) and the click "Update Cart" (see G in diagram below)

After clicking the checkout button you will come to checkout page (see diagram below). This page displays the details of your order (see J in diagram below). If you already have a PayPal account, you can Login (see K in diagram below). or begin entering your contact info (see L, M, N in diagram below)

You must create password and then re-enter it to confirm (see O in diagram above). Next, you must enter the security code (see P in diagram above) next to the field. This is a security measure to prevent automated applications. Next, click continue (see Q in diagram above). This will take you to the page below (see diagram below). Select "No shipping address required" (see R in diagram below) then click "Pay" (see S in diagram below)

After clicking "Pay" you will be taken to a page that confirms that your order is successful. You will then receive 2 emails. One is a receipt from PayPal and the other is a download link and password from Early Music Studio. Click on the link and when the page loads, enter the password given to you in the email. You will then be taken to the page displayed below. Click on "Wav Format" or "MP3 Format" (see T in diagram below). A pop up screen will appear prompting you to SAVE or OPEN the file. Select SAVE and then select a folder on your hard drive to store the file.

Once the file has downloaded you can then import it into the media player of your choice.

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